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Custom Design, Content Management Solutions (CMS),
Mobile Ready Websites, SEO


Custom Design

On the internet, design equals value. The first glance has to capture the user to read more.  Our process does this by creating cutting edge designs, clear messaging and custom graphics.

Custom design is much more than colors, fonts and the visual aspects of a site. A custom design is the process of understanding your business and combining a strategy for user experience, programming and marketing, to achieve a dynamic online presence.

Included in our custom designs:

  • collaborating with our clients to create the navigation
  • development of marketing phrases
  • stock photography

marker circling the word SEO and a definition of what SEO is

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is as important as building your site correctly.  It’s the steps and levels of thought, copywriting and strategy that will help you reach your customers on the web.

Although we provide SEO as a separate marketing service, we build every website SEO ready.


Content Management Systems (CMS)

Many businesses like the ability to manage their own content. Every website we build comes with a content management system. Using a single (CMS) Content Management System allows you to publish content once, therefore making edits easier to manage.

User will be able to:

  • add various file formats
  • create links easily
  • Add unlimited pages
  • edit menu and sub pages including changing order
  • style text
  • edit slide shows

We will help you choose a CMS that’s right for your business or organization.


Mobile Ready

40% of all internet searches are done from a mobile device. What does this mean in terms of developing a new website?

It means all of our websites are built with responsive technology.  By using this cutting edge technology, we build on a platform that resizes images, consolidates navigations, and stacks content. This allows us to build one website that can be viewed on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.


  • Our use of responsive design makes it affordable to have a website that looks good and functions across all devices vrs the old technology of building a different site to fit the various formats.
  • User experience will be optimal across all devices.
  • Responsive design will reduce your load time, help to improve ranking, and is recommended by google.