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Star of the Week: Rhigel Williams

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By Clay Hamilton / The Meridian Star

Rhigel WilliamsRhigel Williams wants to buy something, but unlike a lot of kids he doesn’t want his dad to give him the money: He wants to earn it to buy his own airplane.

“Well I recently got into aviation out at Key Field,” Williams said. “I take pilot lessons on Wednesdays and I’m training to be a pilot, in two years when I turn 17 I’ll be able to get my pilot’s license.”

Along with getting his pilot’s license there’s something else Williams wants to do.

“I’m trying to save up for an airplane and rather than my dad giving me money, he gave me a business called the ‘Cheat Sheet,'” Williams said.

Those who have been to an event in Meridian have probably seen the Cheat Sheet, which has a map to all of the various downtown businesses in it, as well as a cover story about downtown Meridian.

Williams said he handles almost all the work for the Cheat Sheet himself: “Everything except graphic design. I outsource that.”

What sort or airplane is Williams looking for? “I’m looking for a four-seater airplane, roughly the equivalent to Cessna 172 Skyhawk,” he said.

Williams grew up around retail in downtown Meridian. His parents, Wayne and Stacey Williams, have operated the Meridian Underground Music Music Store for many years – first on 22nd Avenue next to Peavey Melody Music and now on 23rd Avenue in the old Hawaiian Delight location.

“I’m a Meridianite,” Williams said. “I guess one of the things I enjoy is going to lunch with friends downtown.

Williams is no stranger to business. He has a few ventures under his belt. He’s sold jewelry, paintings, hats, and more recently woven bracelets.

“I’ve been selling stuff since I could move my fingers to make them,” he said.

Williams is going into the ninth grade in his home school in March and is the oldest of three siblings, with a younger brother Dyson, and a younger sister Jaden.

Williams travels a lot with his father, who is a big fan of a variety of types of music. They go to see various artists all over the country.

“That’s one of the reasons I want to buy a airplane, so I can fly me my brother and my dad whenever we go on trips,” Williams said. “Instead of driving seven hours we can fly there in two.”

If you are in downtown Meridian or the North Hills area you may soon meet Williams when he comes to put you on the map in the Cheat Sheet.