So how much does a website cost?

Website development is a service not a product.

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So How Much Does a Website Cost?

Every site is different with different requirements, but you need a website that will scale as proficiently as possible to all devices. That’s why Web 4 Aviation creates responsive websites. In a simple explanation, it means instead of set measurements for the width of your viewable material, we now work in percentages. This major change in website design allowed for a much easier way to accommodate mobile devices. 

The cost of most any responsive website starts at $5,000 whether it is in wordpress or another platform. There is a certain degree of work involved to achieve responsive design regardless of page count, or additional functionality you may require. This means that even the simplest of responsive sites require this initial work.

The Process

  1. Discovery – audience, industry, competitors, goals
  2. Planning- budget, team, schedule, sitemap or wireframe
  3. Content Creation- copywriting, photography, graphic elements and video
  4. Design – Look and feel, layout
  5. Develop – integration of the design to the structure
  6. Launch – SEO, deliver, monitor and reporting, testing
  7. Maintenance – enhancements, promote, edit

Each of the above steps is flexible in terms of how many hours are required to complete them. For example, the discovery process could be as simple as a phone call to learn about the clients business, goals, and requirements or it could involve days of meetings.